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This Sunday [May. 21st, 2008|08:55 pm]
Gig Listings and Reviews



A charity concert on Sunday 25th May at JB’s Dudley from 6pm (not 7pm as previously advertised) to raise money for S.O.P.H.I.E. (Stamp Out Prejudice, Hate & Intolerance Everywhere) a charity set up by the family and friends of the late Sophie Lancaster, to promote tolerance and understanding amongst young people.

Featuring Abigail’s Mercy, New Generation Superstars, Deviant U.K., Tin Omen, Reism, Beautiful Deadly Children and Necrotize.

There will also be a huge raffle with prizes donated by Marilyn Manson, Christian Death, The Quireboys, Skeletal Family, Ginger & The Wildhearts, Cauda Pavonis, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, local tattooist gift vouchers, various clothing manufacturers, artists and gift companies and far too many more to mention.

Please spread the word even if you are unable to attend.

We are still accepting donations for the raffle from any bands, companies, artists or services that are kind enough to offer.

Thank you

more details can be found on:
and Facebook